Our Team



With 14 years in Zanzibar and as the founder of Scubafish dive center in Matemwe, she witnessed the reef's decline, & sea turtle population.

To restore them, she established Under The Wave with Laura in 2020.

Now in Europe, Yong Mi remains a significant contributor to Under The Wave, representing us in France and The Netherlands.

Yong-Mi Janse

Scientific Advisor


Meet Laura, a passionate French marine biologist and scuba dive instructor. After earning her master's degree in Biodiversity, Ecology & Evolution, she embarked on a global journey, volunteering with marine NGOs around the world.

In 2020, Laura teamed up with Yong Mi to establish "Under The Wave," an initiative dedicated to safeguarding Zanzibar's marine life and fostering sustainable practices within local communities.

Today, Laura manages Scubafish Dive Center while serving as a valuable scientific adviser for Under The Wave.

Laura-Cécile Rosset

DIve Instructor


Introducing Ludovic, a dedicated marine conservation biologist and scuba dive instructor from Mauritius. With a master's degree in marine and coastal conservation management, he is a specialist in marine tropical ecosystems.

Ludovic's unwavering commitment to marine conservation led him to gather valuable experience by volunteering with several NGOs along the coasts of Mauritius, Madagascar, and Malaysia.

Ludovic Gouérec


Meet Abdulla, a true islander with roots in Pemba and upbringing in Unguja. For over two decades, he has devoted himself to sea turtle conservation in the North of Unguja.

Driven by his passion for marine conservation, Abdulla is determined to raise awareness among local communities. As the head of our outreach and education program, he plays a crucial role in fostering a deeper understanding of our ocean's treasures. Together, we aim to make a lasting impact on marine life and its preservation.

Abdulla Omar Salim

Marine Biologist


Meet Faraji, a native of Dar Es Salaam and a passionate marine biologist. Having earned his bachelor's degree in marine biology right in his hometown, he became a vital member of the Under The Wave team.

With a focus on our reef monitoring project, Faraji is fully engaged in various initiatives, from coral nurseries and sea turtle nesting centers to beach monitoring and marine science education in local schools. His dedication drives our mission forward, preserving the beauty of our oceans.

Faraji Suleiman Mohamed