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Established in Zanzibar for 14 years & original owner of Scubafish Zanzibar in Matemwe. She saw the reef health declining for many years.



Laura is a French marine biologist and divemaster with a background in marine & terrestrial conservation. After completing her BSs in Marine Biology & Ecology and a master’s degree in Biodiversity, Ecology & Evolution, she volunteered in different marine NGOs all over the world (France, Madagascar, Mauritius, Malaysia) in order to specialize in marine conservation.

Laura-Cécile Rosset


Ludovic is a marine conservation biologist from Mauritius and divemaster with a master’s degree in marine and coastal conservation management He is specialized on marine tropical ecosystems. Ludovic gathered experience by volunteering in several NGO’s on the coasts of Mauritius, Madagascar and Malaysia.

Ludovic Gouérec


Abdulla comes from Pemba island but grew up in Unguja.
He spent the last 24 years working on sea turtles conservation in the North of Unguja.

He is passionate about marine conservation and have the will to spread awareness to local communities.

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