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Under The Wave is a marine conservation NGO...

Our Team

Discover our team : Yong-Mi, Laura, Ludovic & Dhuli


Our NGO is located at Matemwe, in the North-East of Zanzibar.

Our Turtle Hatchery

Few years ago, Zanzibar were the home of hundreds of Green & Hawksbill turtles, however, nowadays only few remains.
Despite being protected by the law in Zanzibar, local communities are still killing them for their meat & eggs.

Therefore, in 2020 we started a turtle hatchery to protect the eggs from poachers.

Protection & Restoration of habitat Project

One of the first step you need to carry out in order to protect an area is an inventory of all the benthic coverage, fauna & flora and the different actors and activities surrounding and in the area. ...

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