Volunteer with “World Unite” in Zanzibar!

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World Unite! is an German based organization dedicated to intercultural exchange and worldwide learning by offering volunteering, internships and working holiday opportunities.

From August 2022 World Unite! will run a program based in Matemwe/Zanzibar that gives international volunteers the possibility to contribute to marine and coastal conservation.

The program will be carried out in close cooperation with Under the Wave and other leading organizations active in the environmental field in Zanzibar.

Under the guidance of conservation biologists, volunteers can join a program of daily activities. These activities include : 

  • patrolling beaches in the early morning to spot new turtle nests,
  • relocating nests to protected locations,
  • releasing marine turtle hatchlings to the ocean,
  • cleaning beaches and villages
  • providing environmental education at local schools,
  • running income generating activities for the local population based on recycling and upcycling,
  • sensitization and awareness-creation for tourists and locals about critical environmental issues,
  • monitoring Zanzibar coral reef.

Every Monday, educative sessions are provided to volunteers to deepen their knowledge about topics related to the oceans and to climate change, such as overfishing, sharks, coral reefs, mangroves, ocean pollution or biodiversity loss. The aim of these sessions is to raise awareness about critical issues and to present solutions that can be implemented by everyone in their daily lives. The contents of these sessions are also used by volunteers to prepare the environmental education they provide at local schools.

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Accommodation for volunteers is at the new Matemwe Mother Nature Camp, just 3 minutes walk from the beach. Volunteers are accommodated in fully furnished tents. Meals are provided at the attractive communal space. The eco-friendly camp uses solar energy and evapotranspiration toilets.

If you would like to be a volunteer in Zanzibar and like to make a change, please contact zanzibar@world-unite.de.

Why volunteer?

For many, it is a heartfelt desire to do volunteering abroad, they want to do something « good » and contribute towards a fairer, more equal world.


But you should also be aware of what you get in return: A lifetime of personal joy and satisfaction at having contributed, in whatever little way, and giving back in your own way. An encounter with a culture that is different from your own, mastering unfamiliar challenges outside of your comfort zone – thus, developing your personality like no other experience can. Exposure to a new language and opportunities to meet with like-minded people who you can spend a good time with. If these are not reasons enough, a volunteering assignment can look very good on your CV too! 


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