Sea Turtle Nesting Center

Despite being protected by the law in Zanzibar, sea turtles are still killing for their meat & eggs. In 2020 we started a turtle nesting center to protect the eggs from poachers.

Marine Science Education

Our marine science education program in Matemwe is a great success. Since 2022, every week, our staff go together with the volunteers of World Unite, to the Matemwe governmental .
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Community Project

One of our goals is to help local communities to reach a more sustainable way of living and raise awareness on marine and coastal life.

Reef Monitoring

Monitoring programs allow us to understand the health of the lagoon and anticipate its evolution in the future.

Coral Nursery

Linda Bahari Project

Sea Turtle Identification Project

We have started a new science-based to estimate the population in Zanzibar by photo-Identification.