Environmental Session in local school

Starting February 2022, every week, our staffs go together with the volunteers of World Unite, to the Matemwe governmental school.

Here we discuss topics such as plastic pollution deforestation and the Importance of mangroves, endangered species, hygiene, sea turtle, over-fishing and clean-ups.

Field trip

Our new program, includes one field trip per month. we want to bring the students closer to nature.

During the year, they will have the chance to discover the coral reef of Mnemba island, our sea turtle nesting center, visit a mangrove and many places in Zanzibar.

Donation to the school

Because the school in Matemwe is located on a hill, the water pressure was too low to pump the water upwards. For months, the school had no water. Under the Wave Organisation funded a new water pump, water pipe system & a sink in the middle of the school for all students.