Sustainable Fishing Practices

A major part of the population living near the atoll are depending mainly on its resources. Indeed, coastal areas are surrounded by arid grounds which enable the community to use them for agriculture. Alternative fishing practices need to be developed to relieve the pressure from the atoll.

Anchor Fish Aggregating Device (FAD)    

Anchor Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs) are anchored buoys displaced in the open sea. They attract and aggregate pelagic fish, making it easier to find and catch them for fishermen. It is an important tool for the development of sustainable artisanal fisheries that provide food and money to coastal communities in developing countries.

Reef fish population of Mnemba Island and of the lagoon of the North-east coast of Ugunja are decreasing rapidly. Fishermen need to transfer fishing effort offshore to maintain food security. FADs have the potential to play an important role in this concern.

We will install one FAD in front of each village : Matemwe, Kigomani, Pwani Mchangani & Kiwengwa. FADs will be to manage locally by the fishermen  in collaboration with Under The Wave and the Ministry of Fisheries.

Octopus Project

Octopus is a major source of income and food for the communities of the north east of Zanzibar. This part of Zanzibar and more especially Mnemba island is well known by the local communities for its abundance of octopus. However, the amount and size of the capture are decreasing and the octopus population will slowly disappear from the area.

We want to help local communities by working with them and local authorities to settle an octopus fishing closure season. In order to convince the local population, we will bring fishermen from other villages of Zanzibar where the same project was a success. They will help us convince the local communities to follow the octopus fishing closure. This non fishing season will allow the octopus to grow bigger. Indeed, octopus has a short life span, they live for 15-18 months, and they grow very quickly, almost doubling in weight every month during this period. Thereby it will increase the income and food availability for the local communities of the North-East of Unguja.

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