Protection & Restoration of habitat Project

Reef Monitoring

Monitoring programs allow us to understand the health of the lagoon and anticipate its evolution in the future. All information collected will be shared with local communities to take proper actions for the restoration and protection of the reefs of Matemwe.

A healthier marine ecosystem will benefit all the local actors exploiting the sea (fishermen & tourism actors).

The fish community composition & health of corals are impacted directly by activities led on the reef. It could lead to a decrease in the lagoon’s biodiversity. Some species will disappear faster than over.
Therefore, it is crucial to have an overview of those transformations.

Through this project, we are conducting monthly monitoring of different stations in the lagoon of Matemwe. We hope to comprehend how the reef is evolving and how it will stand in the future.

Every day, we monitor as well the reef users in front of our reef monitoring stations. Our goal is to understand if certain activities have a significant impact on the health of the reef.

We share our data with the local communities, to help them take proper actions to restore and protect the reefs of the northeast of Zanzibar.

Coral Farming

Protecting the coral reef of Matemwe is one of our main priorities as most of the coral located inside are already damaged.

In order to restore the ecosystem around the conservation area, we started to collaborate with Linda Bahari Project which starting a coral farming few years ago.

This project aims to reinforce the capacity of local divers to identify corals, grow and nurse corals on artificial structures, and ultimately restore their home reef.

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