Coastal Clean-up project

Did you ever participate in a beach clean-up?

Beach clean-up is a fun way to raise awareness of the waste management problem and also give people a sense of contribution.

 In 2019, Tanzania has taken strong actions against plastic pollution as they banned plastic bag from the country. However, waste management is still a major problem in Zanzibar, as the beach and the coastal villages are full of trash.

We organize beach clean-up in collaboration with hotel and local school throughout the year.

Coastal clean-up events help preventing waste from entering the ocean but the main goal is to raise community awareness on marine debris.

 Beach clean-up is only a small part of the solution. It is a fun event mainly to show the problem to the community rather than a real long-term answer to all the plastic waste lost at sea. Marine pollution is a serious issue and it must be addressed by going to its source. We will compile data on all the debris collected which will help us determine the cause of the pollution. Therefore we will initiate discussion with the government and local communities on better waste management solutions.

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